About Us

Company Overview

PUROTECH LLC specializes in water treatment solutions and provides the complete range of services including design, build, maintain operation and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial clients and public authorities.

The company has vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, which enables it to provide best quality water and waste treatment services to clients. The wastewater solutions provider has well equipped wastewater treatment equipments. We provide fully integrated and standardized systems to our valued customers, which can be customized as per their requirements and specifications. All the services are available at competitive prices and delivered within the stipulated time frame to save clients’ precious time.

Industrial Waste water treatment is gaining prominence in the UAE and under the directives of the UAE Government, more and more industries are being encouraged to go in for re-cycling options, though discharge after treatment is also permitted. There is also the case of sewage treatment (STP) that is again gaining prominence in industries as well as staff accommodation and labour camps. The use of TSE for irrigation is rampant in the UAE, with more and more companies going in for the re-cycling options, as a way to go Green, like the Government wisely does.


1. Filtration Technology

Sand Filters Automatic & Manual Backwash
Iron & Manganese Removal Filters
Lime Scale Protection Filters
Fully Automatic Backwash Filters
Cartridge Filters
Hot Water Filters
Activated Carbon Filters

2. Softening Technology

Manual & Automatic Simplex Water Softener
Manual & Automatic Duplex Water Softener
Hot Water Softener
Chemical Free Softening Systems

3. Desalination Technology

Brackish Water R.O. Systems
Sea Water R.O. Systems
Sea Water Intake Systems
Energy Recovery Systems
Nano Filtration Systems
Ultra Filtration Systems

4. Disinfection Technology

Ozone Generating Systems
Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems
Chlorination Systems
Chlorine Dioxide Systems
Legionella Treatment Systems

5. Chemical Dosing Systems

Diaphragm Dosing Pumps
Solenoid Dosing Pumps
Motor Driven Dosing Pumps
Chemical Dosing Tanks
Contact Water Meters
Blow Down Controller

6. Demineralisation Plants

Simplex DEMIN-Systems ( On-Site Regeneration )
Duplex DEMIN-Systems ( On-Site Regeneration )
Simplex DEMIN-Systems ( Off-Site Regeneration )
Duplex DEMIN-Systems ( Off-Site Regeneration )


1. Potable Water Treatment Chemicals

Silicate & Phosphate Based Corrosion Inhibitors
Oxidising Biocides

2. Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Multifunctional Products
Ph & Alkalinity Builders
Oxygen Scavengers
Corrosion Inhibitor & Sludge Dispersants
Condensate Corrosion Inhibitors

3. Chilled Water Treatment Chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitors
Non Oxidising Biocides

4. Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors Non Oxidising Biocides Cleaners Bio dispersants

5. Swimming Pool Chemicals

6. Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

7. Water Softener Salt

8. R.O.Plant Chemicals

Super -concentrate Antiscalant

9. Testing Kits & Reagents

10. Commodity & Basic Chemicals

Acid , Caustic , Lime , …

11. Media for Filters

Sand , Gravel
Activated Carbon
Anthracite Coal
Ion Exchange Resins

12. Analytical Services

Water Analysis
Corrosion Racks , Corrator Probe
Deposit & Bio fouling Monitors
Membrane Authopsy
Dip Slides Kit , SDI Kit